Dear Potential Buyers of Paradise,

My husband and I have been looking for a little slice of Heaven for well over two years. We were fortunate to have been guided through this odyssey by Louis Lafratta with Oceanfront Sotheby's International Realty in Princeville. Louis has been meticulous and thorough by showing us an assortment of homes and condos. He provided comparable properties and provided any and all information needed to make a solid decision for the final choice in December of 2016. Louis was in constant contact with us on island and on the mainland. He is very familiar with Kauai and the other islands as he has lived and raised his family here. He has answered all of our inquiries with quickness and treated our family with the upmost respect that we would recommend him to anyone interested in seeking a residence in Kauai. He is punctual, reliable and knowledgable of the many communities on the island, and he's pretty funny,too. After this journey, I am happy to call Louis, our friend and neighbor. You will be lucky to work with him!
Good luck on your journey~

Karen Mulcahy


Without any reservation I recommend Louis LaFratta.

He is friendly, knowledgeable, methodical and effective. An outstanding agent of integrity.

Denis Orme


To whom it may concern,

Louis LaFratta handled the sale of my Weke Rd. home in Hanalei. As our listing agent, Louis held open houses, and caravans with Pupu’s and even prizes. He used whatever means at his disposal, including a 3D video presentation with a drone. Really impressive! I plan on using Louis again for any future Real Estate needs I may have.

Michele McCune


“As a first time homebuyer, I was extremely cautious and fearful of the commitment and process related to purchasing a home, especially so in the wake of the real estate bubble bursting. I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area in Northern Virginia. I have worked in computer operations and now programming since I was seventeen, 28 years that has flown by. In the late 1990s early 2000s my friends at work kept telling me to buy a home, as that was the way to get rich was the story, the idea then. I just still didn't have any faith in that. I grew up in the area and watch my parents home that they still live in and purchased in 1968 for $40,000 rise up to a worth of over $500,000 which is just insane. My parents had low paying government jobs and a family of four. We were a blue collar lower middle class family at times had to really push to make ends meet and we went without a lot of stuff in our younger days. Alright I'm rattling on about my favorite subject again, Me :-).

Anyways, In my search of where to go and what do I value in life I decided that I would go for whatever/wherever I feel at home, at peace, and happy. I've done a LOT of travelling and nothing quite fit the bill until I first visited Kauai. So, being skeptical and never trusting my first impressions... I deviated from my typical pattern of taking my longest vacation of the year to different places and focused on Kauai. I came back six years in a row and it finally clicked this is the place I want to be. So, I started digging through real estate websites and called a few realtors whom I didn't get a warm and fuzzy for, they just seemed like that "say anything" breed of sales-folks. I try to take measured, analyzed, well thought out decisions especially in a large life-changing event which buying a home is. Well further on into my search I lucked out by coming into contact with Louis LaFratta. After talking to Louis initially he struck me as a straight shooter and presented himself as a confident guy that could get things done. So, I walked through my wishes and plan on what I was looking to do with the bottom line of I know I have to find a way to move to Kauai, I want to make this place my home. From Virginia via emails and phone conversations and traversing listings on real estate websites, we put a plan together. I flew to Kauai for my normal vacation but with the intention of finding a home as a subset of my vacation. I met up with Louis and he went above and beyond to work with my schedule, pick me up in his vehicle and take me to the sites to do walk through after we saw some listings that looked promising. Well unfortunately the listings we saw didn't fit the bill and I was bummed out. Louis did exactly what I needed someone who is on my team would do, he helped me plan out possible homes, he took me to them, he reviewed them with me and answered every question I had on the properties and he never pressured me on taking my decision to buy. He is a professional in these matters and he knows how it works and how to treat his client with respect and that is exactly what I needed. He is also a good troubleshooter and planner as my original plans had to be altered to what made sense in the current Kauai real estate market. When I set my mind on something I rarely if ever give up, so after I travelled back to Northern Virginia I kept on with my search on real estate websites and put my email account info into a few so that I would get email alerts on listings. One day an alert hit with a promising property. It was bank owned and required bidding. I called up Louis and he walked me through the process and recommended good strategy on making a bid on this property. The bid was a success and I got my home and now I have been living on Kauai for more than a year and couldn't be happier. I'm quite confident that without the good fortune of running into Louis I wouldn't live here. I'm a diabetic and part of my decision to come here was to change to a healthier lifestyle and since I've been here have lost nearly 50 pounds and I have gone from very bad A1C readings for my blood sugars (I was on the verge of having to inject insulin) to the point now where I am almost pre-diabetic... that just means my daily exercise and being healthy here on Kauai has made it so that my pancreas is almost functioning at the level of a non-diabetic. :-) I can't overstate what Louis has done for me here. Louis was a consummate professional that didn't drop the ball on any details, (negotiations, securing the bid, going through first time purchaser concerns, checking out the house, helping me get financing) He is a get it done guy that helped me in every step of the process, and he goes above and beyond. Louis has sent me information on hiking, biking, and physical fitness events and clubs on the island. Louis has come by and gone hiking on occasion. Louis helped me out when I was back in Northern Virginia visiting my mother who was going through pancreatic cancer. Louis during that time actually drove from his home in Kilauea, Kauai to my home in Kapaa, Kauai and took a package that was sitting on my front porch and secured it for me and also did a look around the house and let me know all was still secure. If you end up doing business with Louis all I can say is Congratulations on making a smart decision. “

Dave Butler